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Companion Animals, Cats, Dogs, feline, canine, equine, horse
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AP Consultants was established in 1993 providing workshops and seminars for management staff. When the internet began to breathe its life into its current form, AP Consultants traded the ground for the net. Anne Palumbo, owner, and her entourage of 2 companion felines began consulting to those wishing to develop an internet presence.

Today, Ms. Palumbo's skills have developed along with the growth of the internet and prefers to work with small to mid-sized companies and sole ownerships. Her love for animals helped her to realize her niche for companion animal related web development. While most in her field are good at either web development or programming, Ms. Palumbo is a polished graphic designer, Perl & PHP programmer and is proficient in internet technology. Her experiential and educational background in psychology is industrious in analyzing the best fit for each customer's site.

AP Consultants has been developing websites and providing hosting solutions for those in all animal professions for over 10 years. You are welcome to visit our Customer Portfolio to view some of our work.

Ms. Palumbo's staff includes her 2 beloved feline pets, Rubáiyát & Kahyyám. They are named after Omar Kahyyám; one of the 6 men whom helped to create the calendar as we know it.

Rubáiyát is a white Turkish Angora female with sky blue eyes. She is full of love, very intelligent and a talker. Rubáiyát is worth every penny and considered a rescue due to the breeder's unsavory breeding practices.

Kahyyám is a black domestic short haired male rescue. He is a genuine gentleman as he always stands up when approached. He is quiet, mild mannered and very much like a dog! Both her childrens' pictures are in the header of this site.

Contact us for more information about a website and hosting plan that meets your needs.

Website templates for dog trainers, pet sitters, groomers, equine & all animals.
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Great Hosting Plans

AP Consultants offers a variety of website or web hosting plans to individuals, families, businesses, sole-proprietors and animal lovers

AP Consultants will be happy to discuss your site's visions! Please use our contact form to send an email about your ideas or gives us a call at 410.642.3481

Companion Animals, Cats, Dogs, feline, canine, equine, horse
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Companion Animals, Cats, Dogs, feline, canine, equine, horse